Thank you from Sylvia

It is with great sadness that I’m writing this last statement on behalf of the LUCIA team. Unfortunately the charity is closing. It was a very difficult decision for us all, but Ethiopia has experienced civil unrest, which has made monitoring and evaluation difficult for our projects and the LUCIA team, for many personal reasons, are now finding it difficult to commit to the charity. It has been a wonderful team where there has been a lot of laughter, sadness, worry and excitement over the years, but without a doubt there has been great warmth, love and friendship which we all will remember and share for the rest of our lives.

LUCIA has run for over twelve years and the team has enjoyed working with the men and women from Ethiopia who have given us so much. Our knowledge and understanding of the people: who by accident of birth, have so little and give so much. Their generosity and hospitality has known no bounds. Inviting us into their homes and sharing all they have. We’ve been very humbled. Ethiopia is a country with many problems but the people are intelligent and together with the help of LUCIA we have given many women and children hope for a better future. Although it’s wrong to single people out at times like this we feel it’s necessary. LUCIA could not have completed so many projects without Demiss Mammo our Ethiopia driver, translator and fixer. What a wonderful man. We are forever grateful.

We can’t close without mentioning the friends, families and strangers in the UK who’ve believed in us and given their support in so many ways. The generosity and belief in the LUCIA team has been over whelming. Without them we could not have offered any support to the people in Ethiopia. The team thanks you all.

What an amazing twelve years!

From just one of the many in the LUCIA team x