Bookcrossing for LUCIA

After the success of last years event, which saw over 1,000 books given away for free, we are once again teaming up with BookCrossers worldwide to raise awareness of the charity using this novel idea. Throughout the month of September BookCrossers and LUCIA supporters will release books on buses, trains, planes, supermarkets and park benches all in…

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LUCIA book quiz – the results!

Throughout February and March LUCIA supporters could be spied hunched over sheets of paper with puzzled expressions, occasionally trawling Amazon and their bookcases in search of inspiration. The cause? The LUCIA book quiz! Participants had to decipher thirty cryptic clues that described well-known book titles. Many supporters made valiant attempts, but only two people managed…

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Bookcrossing for LUCIA – result!

As reported in a previous article, I decided to use my hobby of BookCrossing to help raise awareness and (hopefully) funds for LUCIA. I’ve been supporting LUCIA for a few years when I go running, but the number of books I had in the house and the timing of Ethiopian New Year in September suggested…

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