There are some images in life that seem to stay with you forever. My trip to Ethiopia in 2010 left me with some indelible images, one of which was seeing a small child being chased away from picking up a grain from some cereal that had … Read More


The first time I went to Ethiopia I went by British Airways from Heathrow.  In the airport café I had the job of deciding if I wanted a full breakfast, sandwiches or cake and an even more difficult decision of which coffee:  latte or … Read More


I got involved in LUCIA at its beginning when I think I just offered to help with a cake sale or something. That was several years ago now and ‘helping’ very quickly turned into being in the thick of it all and becoming a Trustee! For a … Read More


My journey towards becoming a Trustee for LUCIA began in 1984, on 24th October at 6.00pm precisely.  This was the day of Michael Buerk’s first news report from Korem, the epicentre of the Ethiopian famine. It was a defining moment, when … Read More


I first heard about LUCIA when Sylvia attended a meeting of the University’s Fairtrade Steering Group.  She spoke with such passion about the extreme poverty that she had witnessed, and also about the generosity and good humour of the … Read More