Meet some of our volunteers


I’m not sure what the first I heard of LUCIA was. I think it was about six years ago; just another of the charities that we discussed at a school meeting and decided to support. At first, it seemed nothing special. Looking at potential … Read More


As a new volunteer for Lucia, I am looking forward to learning more about the charity, its trustees and its supporters over the coming months. I first met Sylvia at a Christmas event at the University of Birmingham where she was selling … Read More


I have spent many years donating a couple of pounds here and there to well-known charities at certain times of the year, but always thinking to myself, isn’t there a way I could do a bit more? Last year I attended a staff presentation … Read More


I first became aware of LUCIA through the lovely Ron Gardiner, Sylvia's husband. We were work colleagues for many years until he retired, and have remained friends ever since. My only involvement with LUCIA was attending the occasional … Read More