Since its formation in 2004, LUCIA has supported the following: Self Help Groups – 700 women and their families have benefited from the formation of Self Help Groups. The women have started businesses in:

  • Textiles – three ladies started a dress shop
  • Sheep rearing
  • Bee keeping
  • Allotments
  • Carrot growing
  • Lunch bars

The women have also been educated about human rights, domestic violence, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and have learned business skills.

Orphaned girls – LUCIA has supported 30 orphaned girls with six years of education, shelter, food and clothes.

Emergency food aid – money was given to 20 women to support their families until their crops were ready for market. Money has also been donated to an emergency appeal in Niger.

Emergency aid – funding was sent via an Ethiopian NGO to a village south of Addis Ababa. A crocodile infested river had burst its banks and many villagers were eaten by crocodiles or drowned. LUCIA sent emergency money to pay for milk and clothes for the surviving women and children who were left with nothing.

Kindergarten in Alelmgena, Ethiopia – funding has been provided for:

  • Classroom furniture
  • Playground equipment
  • Stationery

Street children – LUCIA donates each year to the upkeep of the Little Voice street children’s house. We have also paid for an adventure holiday for six traumatised children, organised through Little Voice.