Nas School Library has now been built!

We are very pleased to announce that the library at Nas School has finally been completed.   The project was delayed by a number of factors, the main one being that the rainy season last year arrived early and lasted longer than usual which meant that construction could not begin as the site is remote and roads were impassable.

An inauguration ceremony was held during the recent field trip (more news on this to follow!) at which Janet Clark (LUCIA’s Chair) was Guest of Honour along with representatives from Developing Families Together (DFT) our partner NGO for this project. Everyone at the school and in the local community is delighted to have access to this valuable resource at last. We hope that the children will benefit from the extra facilities that the library will offer. We also hope that the library will be available to adults who wish to pursue learning.

The library has some furniture (5 tables, 30 chairs and 2 bookshelves) but needs some more so we will continue to raise funding for this. We have also committed to sending a donation for purchase of books as well as sending out some books and educational materials that have been donated to LUCIA.  We were told that the teachers and children especially like stories – in particular Agatha Christie (!) so a broad range of both academic and non-academic books will be provided.

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