Bookcrossing for LUCIA

After the success of last years event, which saw over 1,000 books given away for free, we are once again teaming up with BookCrossers worldwide to raise awareness of the charity using this novel idea. Throughout the month of September BookCrossers and LUCIA supporters will release books on buses, trains, planes, supermarkets and park benches all in aid of raising awareness of the wonderful work the charity does. The books, all with titles which relate to women, will bear a special bookplate telling the lucky people that find them of the work the charity does and how they can find out more. The bookplate will also contain a unique reference that will allow the book to be registered on the BookCrossing website and let us see how far around the world the message spreads! The event is once again being headed up by LUCIA supporter Liz Broomfield, who organised last year’s event which also raised over £200 through sponsorship.  We’re hoping that this year we’ll release even more books than before and let more people know about the work LUCIA does, as well as brightening their day with a free novel, or email for more information.

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