Bookcrossing challenge – the results are in!

For the second year running, BookCrossers across the world have used their love of books to help spread the word about LUCIA. Over 550 books were left in public places throughout September, each with a label inside explaining that it had been released to raise awareness of LUCIA’s work in Ethiopia. A good number of the books have already been officially ‘caught’ by people, and countless others have no doubt found new homes. All of the books released had women’s names or women’s roles in the title, and it seems that the most popular titles included the words ‘Ann/Anne/Annie’ or ‘girl’. We would like to thank each and every BookCrosser who participated in the challenge, particularly those who helped organise the event. To find out more information about BookCrossing please visit their website, and read more about this challenge on their forum. It’s still not too late to sponsor the participants (or their books) too!

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