A ‘novel’ way to raise money…

Supporter Liz Broomfield has decided to put her Bookcrossing hobby to good use and try to raise some awareness of, and money for, LUCIA. In September 2009, Liz and her fellow BookCrossers from around the world will be getting together to release books with a “women’s titles” theme – books with “princess”, “woman”, “girl” etc and “Lucia” in the title.  Liz has set up a justgiving page to collect any money raised and will be making a donation every time one of her wild released books is caught. The project is discussed on the Bookcrossing forum and people are joining the challenge every day – at least one generous BookCrosser has already pledged to donate 10 cents for *every* book released for the LUCIA challenge that month!

BookCrossing – “n. the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.” (Concise Oxford English Dictionary).

You might have seen books around your local town or city, campus or office, with an “I’m free” post-it note on it. Or maybe you’ve visited a café which has a shelf of free books to take away. This is BookCrossing, a scheme whereby people put books, each registered on the Bookcrossing website and given a unique identifying number, out and about for other people to find and read. The only catch when you find a BookCrossing book? You have to pass it along once you’ve read it.

Each book released for the LUCIA Bookcrossing Challenge will have a label with the LUCIA logo inside and on the front, and the release notes will include links to the LUCIA webpages. Special book labels to download and a progress report of releases through the month will be available as the challenge draws closer – watch this space!

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