Message from the Trustees

LUCIA was founded by a small group of volunteers committed to trying to help women and children escape from the cycle of poverty and deprivation in Ethiopia.

They envisaged this being achieved primarily through education. The women themselves, in learning new skills which they could then use in income generation to support their families, and of the children by supporting local schools latterly in construction of two school libraries.

Over the last 12 years LUCIA has supported many projects in association with several dedicated local organisations in Ethiopia to achieve this aim. Some of the projects that we have been involved in are described on the website.

We are very grateful to our enthusiastic supporters who have attended events, raised funds, run marathons, baked cakes, donated regularly, collected stamps etc. etc. We could not have LUCIA without them.

However, circumstances change. It is very difficult to continue to grow a local charity on a purely voluntary basis with a relatively small support base. We have a small group of trustees and recently several of them have had changes in personal circumstances which mean that they can no longer continue with LUCIA. Also, we are finding it increasingly difficult to find reliable partners on the ground in Ethiopia. Communications are often difficult even these days, and a charity is unlikely to succeed without a representative living in the country itself. The recent political turmoil in Ethiopia has also contributed to communication difficulties.

Therefore, it is with regret that we have decided to close the charity from the end of May 2017. With our remaining funds, we have made donations to:

These charities perform valuable work in Ethiopia and we are pleased to support them. If any supporter wishes to continue to be involved in donating or supporting Ethiopian charities, they may wish to consider these.

There are so many people who have contributed to the success of LUCIA both in UK and Ethiopia and we would like to thank you all on behalf of all the beneficiaries in Ethiopia.

The Trustees x